6 Musical Ways to "Toddler Proof" Your Holidays

You don’t plan for it to happen, but sometimes the stress creeps in over the holidays.   With the long summer days, trips to the beach, parties, shopping and catching up with family and friends, your toddlers routines become interrupted.  This change in schedule (however well intentioned!) can impact your toddlers mood and behaviour.  

Bringing a little MUSIC into your families daily routine goes a long way to help prevent those dreaded "holiday meltdowns", bringing comfort and reassurance to your little one's, when the holiday excitement becomes all together too much!   

So why MUSIC??  Well, here is just some of the reasons why MUSIC is so important to include into your toddlers daily routine:

  • Music encourages children to keep active, develops their motor skills, rhythm and co-ordination.

  • It encourages creativity, imagination and play.  For example - that music sounds like stomping dinosaurs - can you stomp like a dinosaur with me?

  • Music is the single BEST way to encourage your child's language development through singing and rhyme.  

  • It creates a strong bond between you and your child.  Songs that you sing to/with your child will become daily rituals, that help them feel safe and loved.  Music creates beautiful lifelong memories that your child will cherish.  


So.....how can you utilise the power of MUSIC, to the make the holidays a little easier and more enjoyable?  We’re delighted to share six musical ways to make your holidays less stressful – for you and your child.

1. Turn on your child’s favorite playlist during playtime

You’ll be surprised at how a little music can change the mood to happy and light-hearted.  Your child may even be inspired to spontaneously sing along, dance along, or even play instruments along as well!

2. Let your child make music while you make dinner

A couple of pots and bowls and a child-friendly wooden spoon or spatula makes for some wonderful rhythm play, whether your child is accompanying themselves or playing along with a favorite CD or playlist.


3. Travel with your favourite CDs or playlists

When you’re packing the car to head to Grandma’s house, don’t forget to pack your child's CDs or organize a few playlists to listen to on the way.  Listening to music and singing along can make the trip go that much faster for everyone!

4. Have a song – or two – up your sleeve at all times!

You may not think you have a great voice, but we promise, to your child, your voice could win you a room full of Grammy’s!  And when you’re waiting in that checkout line or at the doctor’s waiting room, you’ll be glad to throw self-consciousness to the wind, and sing that favorite song for your child if it makes the long wait more bearable.

5. Settle your child in to bed with their favourite lullaby

A favourite lullaby as you cuddle in the rocking chair or give a gentle back rub before bed can calm and soothe, even after the busiest days.   Especially helpful if you have travelled to a new destination. This simple ritual is as good for you as it is for your child.

6.  Try a Kindermusik class together!

Right now, you are able to enrol your child in weekly Kindermusik classes - to continue their musical start to the year!  Kindermusik classes  are a wonderful way for your child to discover the joy of music making, and opportunity for you both to spend some quality, stress free time together.  Not only do you and your child benefit from the weekly classes together, but you also come home with a whole treasure-trove of resources, ideas, and music – from what you learn in class and from what you receive in your Kindermusik @ Home Materials.  And we’re absolutely sure that you’ll love your Kindermusik classes as much as your child does!

What is Kindermusik??  Take a peek below!

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