With so many activities available for children these days, it can be difficult to know which is best for your child.  All are offering "fun and fantastic" classes....how on earth do you decide which one to choose??

Grow Music Studio prides itself on being a little bit different.  And here's how:

We make life easy.

As a parent, being part of our studio community is EASY.  We offer flexible make - up class options, and once you are enrolled at the studio, your Kindermusik age child can attend more than once a week for no extra cost.  There are no fussy rules regarding parents waiting outside during preschool classes, and we love having grandparents and family friends coming to visit!  


We love to exceed your expectations.

As soon as you walk in the door, the first thing you may notice the studio is impeccably clean.  No dirty community hall floors, thank goodness!  Instruments are carefully sanitised between uses, as we are committed to providing a safe environment for all our families.  We even have complimentary wipes, nappies and feminine hygiene products available in our bathroom, for those times you should run out the door without!  Additionally, our studio is ranked in the top 5% of Kindermusik studios worldwide for program reach and teaching excellence.  

Community - come feel the love:)

Many families enrol term after term for classes, and this creates a beautiful connected community feel within our studio.  Playdates and coffee after class are common occurences!  

Progression of musical skills

We are all about igniting a passion for music, that lasts a lifetime.  Our qualified and passionate educators will carefully build and nurture your child's musical skills from baby, right through to graduating from our group keyboard programs at 8 years old.  Not ready to stop there?  We also have private Piano lessons available for older children and adults.

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Joy. Connection. Creativity. Excellence

How to Reach Us


540 Charles St

(Cnr Hilda & Charles)

North Perth

WA 6027


0408 949 616