What makes us different

You are probably reading this page, as a result of researching suitable activities for your child.  Along the way, you may have noticed a number of activities promising "fun and educational" classes - there is certainly no shortage!

With that in mind, we have created something that is indeed fun and educational, but with additional thoughtful touches, designed to add sparkle and ease to your studio experience.  

Being a studio family is EASY

As a parent, being part of our studio community is EASY.  No stuffy and restrictive policies found here!

  • Easy monthly payments - enrol once and your enrolment continues for as long as you wish!

  • Flexible and generous make - up class policy - with bookings able to be made via studio app, any time of the day or night. 

  • Kindermusik children can attend more than once a week for no extra cost. 

  • Absolutely no rules regarding preschool parents waiting outside during classes.  You are welcome to observe and partner with your child's learning at ANY time.  


Have your expectations EXCEEDED

  • Enjoy a studio that is beautifully presented, purpose built and impeccably clean. 

  • Instruments are carefully sanitised between uses, as we are committed to providing a safe environment for all our families. 

  • Complimentary wipes, nappies and feminine hygiene products available in our bathroom, for those times you should run out the door without! 

  • Work with educators who are carefully selected for their standout passion, knowledge, love of teaching/children and musical talent.  

Feel part of a supportive COMMUNITY

Many families stay enrolled at our studio for years, and this creates a beautiful connected community feel within our studio.  Playdates and coffee after class are common occurrences!

Experience highly CREATIVE and UNIQUE programs

Participate in programs that are not offered anywhere else.  Curriculum content has been carefully curated, drawing inspiration from innovative teaching practices from around the globe.  Your preschool/school age child will relish in the opportunity to learn on our Orff Xylophones, "Toot flutes", bucket drums and much more!

Much more than Music Education

Our mission at Grow Music Studio to provide EVERY child a quality, creative musical education that ignites a passion for joyful music making throughout their life.
Our studio is committed to creating a musical learning experience that is based on these 4 core values:

JOY: The most important factor in deciding whether or not your child will fall in love with music, is the manner in which it is presented in the early years.  Our approach puts joy (enjoyment) at the front and centre of each and every class.  Optimum learning outcomes stem from a joyful and engaged child.

CONNECTION: Being part of the Grow Music Studio family brings opportunity to create meaningful connection with teachers, parents and students alike.  Music is makes us feel good, and connected to our wider community.  Connecting through music, our family grows!

CREATIVITY: Each and every child has their own unique and preferred learning style. Creative teaching approaches will delight and inspire both you and your child, whilst allowing them freedom to express, learn and create in their own way, at their own pace.

EXCELLENCE: Grow Music Studio is consistently ranked amongst the top 5% of Kindermusik studios worldwide, for teaching excellence and program reach.  Our learning continuum teaches age appropriate skills, that expand and grow with your child. From babies through to private instrumental lessons, our programs will provide foundations to build future success, and a lifelong love of music.  

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