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Toddlers & Preschoolers

We are thrilled you have made it this far, and are ready to enrol in our Toddler and Preschooler Kindermusik Programs  - your child is  going to love these classes!

What's Included?

1 x 45 minute class session per week, led by our passionate and skilled early childhood music specialists.

A surprise "Little Box of Wonder" at their very first class, full of special surprises for your child to delight and explore!

A "First Day of Kindermusik" photo, to place up on our studio Grow Music family tree, with a digital copy personally emailed to you straight after class.

Access to new class music every 5 weeks on the "Kindermusik App" plus additional online learning materials for you to explore, using your allocated "Kindermusik @ Home" account. 

Weekly emails, full of musical tips and tricks to make parenting little ones a little easier, plus everything you need to know to help you navigate as a new studio parent.  

UNLIMITED make - up classes.  Just book using our Parent Portal App, as many times as you like, anytime of the day or night!

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per month



We are thrilled to welcome you and your child, and know that it can sometimes take a few weeks for you both to feel comfy and settled. If, after attending their first 4 classes, you are not completely happy with the class experience you are welcome to withdraw with nothing further to pay.


Do you need more information, advice or help with enrolment?