Where are your classes located?

Classes are run from our Osborne Park Studio, located upstairs -  Unit 1 / 15 Hector St Osborne Park. 

Where do I park?

At our Osborne Park studio there are 10 parking bays onsite that you may utilise, marked with the Grow Music Studio logo.  If there is no onsite parking available, there is free parking available on Hector St.  

Do you run classes all year round?

Our classes are scheduled, based on WA school terms, taking breaks during the holidays. For more information, please visit the Term Dates page.

What if I can't attend my regular class?

No problem!  We do love you to let us know at of your upcoming absence, so we can let your teacher know, and another family can potentially book the place for a make - up class.  If you have missed a class, make - up classes can be booked through the"Parent Portal" of the Grow Music Studio website.  Make - up classes can be used throughout the whole period of your enrolment.  The only time they expire is at the cessation of your membership.  

Make - up classes are not provided for Private Lessons, but your teacher will send through a video or written learning plan, for your child to continue their progress at home.  

How do I pay for classes?

Fees are charged via Direct Debit - 3 instalments per 10 week term.  By signing up for our payment provider Ezidebit (Direct Debit) when you enrol online, you may nominate your credit card or bank account. 

Are there any transaction fees? 

No! We do not charge any additional transaction fees on top of your monthly fees.​


I don't wish to pay monthly.  Can I just pay for 1 term upfront?

No, for ease of administration, we only accept monthly Direct Debit as payment for classes at the studio.  Less time administrating means more time creating amazing learning experiences for your child!

Do you offer casual attendance?

No. Young children learn best in an environment of continuity and repetition, only achieved by regular attendance. Class numbers are limited, and only available to those enrolled as an ongoing studio member, or Discovery Month Member.


Do you offer a free trial?

No.  But we do offer "Discovery Month Memberships", allowing you to experience weekly classes over a 4 week period, before committing to an ongoing enrolment.  Single trial lessons do not give your child enough time to fully immerse into the full musical, cognitive and social experience at Grow Music.  However, 4 weeks is the optimum time for your child to settle in, fall in love and reap the benefits of their music class.  Additionally, give yourself the time YOU need to make a balanced judgement on the suitability of the classes for your family. 

For your peace of mind, we do offer a full money back guarantee.  By the end of the 4 weeks, if you are not completely happy with your experience, we will refund your class fees.  Click here to find out more about "Discovery Month Memberships." 

Do you offer sibling discounts?

No we do not offer discounts for siblings.  

How do I cancel my enrolment at the studio?

Your enrolment and instalment schedule at Grow Music Studio continues until such time as you give 30 days notice in writing via email to  Instalment schedules can only be cancelled 30 days from notice.  

What do I need to bring to class?

Just you and your child. We provide everything else!


What do I wear?

For Kindermusik classes, children should come comfortably dressed and caregivers simply wear clothes that are easy to get up and down, off the floor.  For hygiene reasons, we prefer both children and caregivers are required to remove their shoes in the classroom, and wear socks.  (If you forget to bring socks, we do have clean pairs that you may borrow.)


Do I need to participate in classes?

Full caregiver attendance and enthusiastic participation is required for your child's success in Kindermusik classes!

Can I bring my pram to class?

Probably would be a bit of a workout, as our studio is upstairs:)  We do recommend prams be left at home.


How many children are in a class?

Classes can range in size from a minimum of 4 children, to a maximum of 12.


Can I bring a sibling to class with us?

Younger siblings can attend classes for free, if they are under 14 months of age. Younger siblings over 14 months can be enrolled in the class, as a paid for class member.

What if my child cries?

All young children cry at least sometimes! It is very common for some children to cry or feel overwhelmed in their first 2-3 classes, so please rest assured this is not something new for our teachers!  With patience, familiarity and regular attendance each week, your child will soon settle and thrive.  


What if my child doesn't join in, wanders around or has a tantrum?

Children all have their days, where they may be feeling out of sorts, or not behaving in their usual way. That's ok! Everyone in the class is a parent, so completely understands what life is like with young children!

Dependent on the age of the child your teacher will offer suggestions on how to best engage your child with the learning environment.

Young children are peripheral learners. Meaning, they learn through all of their senses. Children that appear disengaged are taking on board lots of learning through listening and watching. You may notice your child imitating something that they learnt in class later on in the day, as children take longer than adults to process information. Please rest assured your young child cannot help but learn - and each child learns in their own way in their own time.

If your child does tantrum during class, and is finding it difficult to settle, we find the best solution is to step into the waiting area for a moment with them, then return a short while later when they are calm and ready to participate. This allows your child the space to calm down, and allows the class to continue uninterrupted.


How long is a class?

All Kindermusik classes are 45 minutes. 

How much are classes?

  • Kindermusik: 3 x $85 instalments per 10 week term.


At what age can my child start?

Children can enrol in our Instrument Explorers class once they old enough to attend Kindy. The minimum age requirement is, turning 4 in the year they are commencing the program. 


Do I need to participate in/attend classes?

Kindy children attend this class independently for the first 40 mins of class, with caregivers joining in for a final "sharing time" at the end of class.  Pre Primary children - caregivers are required to remain in class for the first 20 minutes, with the children participating independently for the remainder of the class.  Caregivers are welcome to stay in the classroom, if your child requires some extra support. 

How many children are there in these group classes?

Instrument Explorers  classes range from 4 to 10 children. 


Can I bring a sibling to class?

Older siblings are not permitted in these classes.  Younger siblings are permitted to participate in the "sharing time" of the class (free of charge), but not for the independent participation time.  We have a spacious waiting room with a place for siblings to play, whilst the independent participation part of the class, is in session.  

How long is a class?

50 minutes weekly.

Do I need to purchase any instruments for this class?

Instrument Explorers Kindy - no.  However, we will be learning simple songs on the piano, so you may like to purchase a small keyboard for your child to play at home.  (Practicing at home is encouraged, but not an absolute requirement.)

Instrument Explorers 2 Pre Primary - as part of your enrolment fee, you are provided with a Nuvo "Toot" (flute) for your child to play at home (in Term 3.)  We will also continue learning piano, so access to a keyboard/piano at home would assist your child with their progress. 

How much are classes?

  • 3 x $105 instalments per 10 week term.


Instrument Explorers 




Private Lessons  FAQ's

At what age can my child start?

Children can enrol in Creative Musicians classes when they reach Year 1 at school.


Do I need to participate in/attend classes?

Parental participation is required for the first 20 minutes of the class only.  

How many children are there in these group classes?

Creative Musicians classes range from 4 to 10 children. 

Can I bring a sibling to class?

No - older or younger siblings not enrolled, are not permitted to attend these classes.  

How long is a class?

50 minutes weekly.

Do I need to purchase any instruments for this class? 

No - all instruments used in class are provided.

How much are classes?

  • Creative Musicians: - 3 x $100 instalments per 10 week term. 

  • Private PLUS: (Creative Musicians + 30 min Private Lesson weekly) - 3 x $210 instalments per 10 week term. 

Creative Musicians  FAQ's

At what age can my child start private instrumental lessons?

The minimum recommended age for commencing Private Piano or Ukulele lessons is Yr 1, and the minimum age for guitar is Year 3.


What instruments do you offer?

Piano, Ukulele and Guitar. 

Do I need to participate in/attend classes?

A parents or caregiver is required to attend lessons for children aged below 8 years, to assist in supporting the practice routine at home, and ensure their child understands the practice requirements. Children over 8 years may attend without a parent present, but parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend at any time.

How much practice is recommended?

For a beginning student, 5 mins a day for at least 4 days of the week, would be the minimum.  This requirement will slowly increase over time, so please speak to your teacher to gain clarification.  

Can siblings watch the lessons?

It is preferable that siblings do not attend lessons, but we do understand that this may prove difficult for some families.  If younger siblings are in the room, they will not be permitted to participate in the lesson, and Grow Music Studio staff reserve the right to instruct caregivers to remove any siblings that are causing distraction from the learning program.

How long is a lesson?

Private Piano lessons start at 30 mins, with 45 and 60 min lessons available on request.

Can you give advice on which instrument is best to purchase for my child?

Yes certainly! For piano lessons, the minimum requirement is a 61 note keyboard, preferably touch sensitive. Yamaha, Casio, Kawai and Ashton are all good brands to start with.  Upright and digital piano's are wonderful, but a larger upfront investment.

How much are lessons?

  • Private lessons 30 mins: - 3 x $155 instalments per 10 week term. 

  • Private PLUS: (Creative Musicians + 30 min Private Lesson weekly) - 3 x $215 instalments per 10 week term.