Frequently Asked Questions.....

What do I need to bring to class?


Just you and your child. We provide everything else! 

Instrumental lessons/classes- you need to bring your tutor book/pack, and any other materials requested by your teacher.  


What do I wear?


For Kindermusik classes, children should come comfortably dressed and be ready to go barefoot or with socks only. Caregivers often wear clothes that are easy to get up and down, off the floor.


Do I need to participate in classes?


Parent participation is required for all of the Kindermusik classes.

Preschool Piano classes - parents are welcome to view classes at any time, but children mostly participate in this class independent of the adults.  Encore Piano classes - parents are required to attend for at least the 1st term of their child's enrolment.  Parental attendance for subsequent terms may not be required, but please consult your child's teacher.  Private piano lessons, parents are required to attend for children aged 8 years and under. Children of this age do need support with their practice routine at home, so it is strongly recommended a parent attends to ensure they understand the practice requirements.  Children over 8 years may attend without a parent present, but parents are welcomed at any time!

Where do I park?

There is roadside parking available on Hilda St and Lawler St, just outside the studio. Super convenient location for families with young children.  Please ensure that you only park on the roadside, and not on the grassy verges of our neighbours.


Can I bring my pram to class?


The entrance to the studio has 7 steps, leading to the front door.  You may find it easier to leave your pram at home.  If you do need to bring your pram, we will do our best to be available, to assist you up the stairs.  Please note the front reception is not always attended during every class.   

How many children are in a class?

Kindermusik classes can range in size from a minimum of 4 children, to a maximum of 11.  

Kids on Keys and Kindy Keys classes range from 4 to 8 children.


Can I bring a sibling to class with us?

Younger siblings can attend Kindermusik classes for free, if they are under 12 months of age. Younger siblings over 12 months will be able to participate in the class, therefore there will be a sibling monthly enrolment fee. Older siblings are generally not permitted to participate in a younger age group class. We do understand this policy can be difficult for some families, and exceptions are sometimes made on a case by case basis.


How long is a class?

All classes are 45 minutes, with the exception of private piano lessons, available in 30, 45 or 60 min sessions.

What if my Kindermusik age child doesn't join in, wanders around or has a tantrum?

Children all have off days, where they may be feeling out of sorts, or not behaving in their usual way. That's ok! Everyone in the class is a parent, so completely understands what life is like with young children! Your teacher will offer suggestions on how to best engage your child with the learning environment. Young children are peripheral learners. Meaning, they learn through all of their senses. Children that appear disengaged often are taking on board lots of learning through listening and watching. You may notice your child imitating something that they learnt in class later on in the day, when you thought they were not engaged!

If your child does tantrum during class, we find the best solution is to step outside for a moment with them, then return a short while later when they are calm, and ready to participate. This allows your child the space to feel calm, and allows the class to continue uninterrupted.


Do you offer casual attendance?

No. Young children learn best in an environment of continuity and repetition, only achieved by regular attendance. Class numbers are limited, and only available to those enrolled for the term.


Do you offer a free trial?

No, but we do offer a "Introductory Class" which allows you to try a single Kindermusik class of your choice.  Book your child into a Kindermusik or Preschool Piano Introductory Class here.

Please get in touch with us at to book your child in for an Encore Group Piano or Private Piano Lesson.  


How much are classes?

Our monthly pricing information can be found here.


How do you charge for classes?

Payments for classes at Grow Music Studio are designed to be straightforward and simple!  Our yearly membership fees are charged on a per month basis, with 12 equal monthly payments scheduled.  Simply enrol for your class of choice, and you are free to attend until you give 30 days notice that you would like to stop.  Easy!   If you enrol after the term has begun, your first monthly fee will be pro rated. For more information on our membership fees & payment structure, please click here.

Which payment types do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Bank Account details, when setting up your direct debit monthly membership with Ezidebit.

What is included in my monthly fee?

Classes at Grow Music Studio include much more than just tuition!  Click here to read about all the perks and bonuses that are included for our valued families.


Do you run classes all year round?

Not quite!  Our regular classes run in line with the WA school terms, taking breaks during the holidays.  During the holiday breaks we do offer Messy Play Days, Musical Playgroups and various special events for our valued families, and families from outside the studio.  Monthly fees for enrolled Kindermusik families include 2 free passes per year, to our holiday events.  Super fun!


I would like to withdraw my child from classes.  How can I cancel my Direct Debit monthly payments?


If you decide to withdraw your child from classes, you will need to give 30 days notice prior to the next payment being due, to cease the payment schedule.  For example, you would need to give notice on (or before) the 10th of June to cancel your payment for the 10th of July.


Do you offer sibling discount?

Yes!  Click here  to find out more.

What if I can't attend my regular class?

No problem!  If possible, please let us know by sending a text message though as soon as you can. (0408 949 616.)  Make - up classes can be booked through the "Parent Portal" of the Grow Music Studio website.  Make - up classes can only be booked by currently enrolled Grow Music Studio families, not transferable between families and subject to availability.

If there is no alternate class time available for your child's class, then a make-up class will not be possible.  Make - up classes are not routinely given for private lessons, but may be given subject to availability in your teacher's schedule. Please speak to your child's teacher.

I'm unable to attend the same class each week with my child, what can I do?

Because we are super flexible, you are able attend different Kindermusik class days each week, if that suits you best. Just enrol in your most preferred class time and day, then book make - up classes through the Parent Portal of the Grow Music website, when you need to attend a different day.  (Please note the Parent Portal is currently under construction, but will be ready for Term 1.) This may also be possible for our Preschool Piano classes, but please get in touch to discuss with us first.  



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