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A Little Music, A Little Craft, and a Lot of Fun!


Playdates are single Kindermusik holiday class sessions, with an additional free play, and craft component added on, for extra value and smiles!  Enjoy a class full of opportunity to laugh, play, dance, sing and bond with your precious little one. 

Each session features magical musical learning and moving, a little craft, (or something similar to keep little hands busy) and free open ended play with our bountiful supply of props, toys and musical instruments.  Your child will love these sessions, and they are a great way to have a sneak peek at the Kindermusik program at Grow Music Studio.

Playdate classes are generally run during the school holidays, when all other term time programs are taking a break, and you are looking for something to entertain your little one!  Playdates are a perfect way for you to try us out for the first time, to see if regular term classes might be a perfect fit for your little one. Many regular Grow Music Studio families also attend these sessions, as their little ones don't want to miss their Kindermusik class during holidays! 

Please note, for the comfort and safety of our little ones, siblings who are older than the age range are not permitted to attend Playdates. Exceptions are sometimes made, so please contact Grow Music to discuss your situation.  Babies younger than 1 year are permitted to attend older child classes for free, as long as they are restrained in a capsule/pram, or worn in a sling.  

Playdates are offered on a limited schedule, so early bookings are advised.

Our Playdates have been on a little break, but they will be back soon! 

Send us an email,to be placed on our mailing list, and be notified of our next session.

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You are going to LOVE this very special SPRINGTIME playdate! 

Celebrate the sunshine and warmer weather with this jam packed musical session of singing, dancing, giggling & playing.  This 90 minute session features a 45 minute Kindermusik class, followed by snack time and free play.  

PLUS - Every enrolled child will take home a small gift of:

1 x Kindermusik Egg Shaker

1 x "10 Song Download" Gift Card from Kindermusik - (with the play list from the class attached.)


$25 per child.  $20 for siblings.  Sibling under 1 year are free of charge.



NORTH PERTptember 26th - 29thSTUDIO

September 19t