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Emma is a talented multi - instrumentalist, can often be found tinkling, plucking, strumming and singing when she thinks no-one is watching.

After trying out a few different jobs, Emma is ecstatic to have found a career which allows her to spread musical joy and creativity to our young students.

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Lisa Ray

Piano Tutor/Creative Musicians Teacher

With a background in Primary education, Lisa loves being part of the learning journey of children and to see them develop a love of music and creativity. She is passionate about the positive impact music and instrumental playing can have on children's wellbeing and believes that the presence of music in one's life can have a therapeutic effect and truly benefit the holistic development of children. She is so happy to be a new team member at Grow and can't wait to meet some mini musicians!


Elsie Fung

Piano Tutor

Elsie has been working in the field of music education as a primary school music teacher, a piano tutor, and children’s choir teacher for over 25 years, A qualified Master of Music Education, she is an enthusiastic and patient piano teacher who has creative ways of engaging and challenging students, to ensure they are achieving to the best of their ability.

Emma Hyam

Kindermusik Educator

Piano & Guitar Teacher


Susan Richardson

Studio Principal/Owner

Susan is an eclectic mix of musician, educator, dreamer, workaholic and lady boss all rolled into one. With a Bachelor of Music Education, and many years experience teaching music in schools, she is now enjoying the challenge of building an outstanding destination music school. When not at the studio, Susan can be found teaching piano, or tapping away at her computer, at her home studio in our beautiful Southwest.


Shelley Koetser

Kindermusik Educator

With a background in Early Childhood Education, Shelley loves little people,
and little people love her! An absolute dynamo in the classroom, with over 7 years experience teaching Piano and Kindermusik, collecting more little people hugs than you can count.

Children love her, we love her and we are so excited to have such a capable and hard working individual on board.


Marie Segulin

Piano Tutor

Marie has been teaching piano for over 20 years, both in private practice and St Andrew's Grammar School in Perth.  

Marie is an extremely skillful, patient and experienced teacher, who holds a teaching degree from the prestigious Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.  

Her high level technical and teaching skills, coupled with just the right amount of playful energy, makes Marie is an amazing educator that your child will adore.