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  • Grow Music Studio runs 4 x 10 weeks terms each year, taking breaks generally in line with the school holidays. 

  • Your child's fees are billed in monthly instalments (3 instalments per term), via Direct Debit.  Your credit card or bank details will be taken on enrolment via our secure Direct Debit provider - Payrix

  • You may elect to enrol in a "Discovery Month" (4 weeks of classes) if you would like a short introduction to classes, or an ongoing enrolment for those who know our classes will be a perfect fit!

  • If you do decide to withdraw your child from classes, or wish to pause your payments for a period of time, you will need to give 14 days notice in writing (email) prior to the next payment being due, to cease the payment schedule. 

  • You can join classes anytime, and your tuition fees will be prorated from your start date.​


There are 4 x 10 week terms per year.

3 monthly instalments per 10 week term 


Please note the payment schedule below, for Grow Music Studio member fees:

Term 1: Mon 31st Jan - Mon 11th April


Instalment Dates:

  • Jan 15

  • Feb 15

  • March 15

Term 2: Tue 26th April - Mon 4th July

Instalment Dates:

  • Apr 15

  • May 15

  • June 15

Term 3: Mon 18th July - Sat 24th Sept


Instalment Dates:

  • July 8

  • Aug 8

  • Sept 8

Term 4: Mon 10th Oct - Sat 17th Dec

Instalment Dates:

  • Oct 8

  • Nov 8

  • Dec 8

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