Grow Music Studio's carefully curated program progression is designed across a learning continuum – each class teaches age-appropriate skills that will be expanded as the student’s music education progresses.  Our programs nurture and support your child's musical development, starting from the Kindermusik program at 10 months old, all the way through until adult, in our Private Lessons Program.   Our mission is simple but profound.  To nurture and encourage a life long appreciation and love of music.  



LEVEL 1, 2, 3, & 4 CLASSES

​Our Kindermusik program is designed to give your young child the very best musical start, filling their hearts and minds with the joy of sharing and creating music together.  Watch your little ones social, cognitive, physical and musical abilities flourish in these engaging and creative classes.

Our Level 4 "Instrument Explorer" and Level 5 "Young Child" classes are a new addition in 2020.  Perfect for children who are ready to explore more "grown up" instruments (piano, guitar, uke, recorder, xylophone, dulcimer etc...) but are not wishing to enrol in the Group Piano Program, and are not yet ready for Private Lessons. ​​

Would you like to try a class?

Our Introductory Classes are the perfect way to find the right class for your child.



PRESCHOOL PIANO (Kindy age children)

Preschool Piano classes are an introduction to piano, that many budding young musicians crave. Alongside developing foundational keyboard skills, this class also features plenty of movement, percussion play, singing and prop play.  Your child will absolutely thrive and blossom into a budding young musician, in our pressure free, vibrant and highly engaging classroom environment.​

ENCORE PIANO: Pre Primary & Yr 1

Most people when they think of learning the piano, think of the traditional "one on one" approach to learning.  Your young child will really thrive in the group setting, as it allows for a more interactive and social experience.  Their desire to "keep up with the group", will have a huge positive impact in their overall progress, and motivation to practice at home. 

As well as learning to play songs on the keyboard, your little musician will develop their "musical ear" through aural games, play percussion instruments, learn to read musical notation, sing, move and have the opportunity to perform in our twice yearly concerts.  



  • Piano (Solo or Paired): 6 yrs +

  • Guitar: 7 yrs +

  • Ukulele: 6 yrs +


Our Private Instrumental lesson students thrive in a personalised and customised approach tailored to their age, unique learning style & musical interests,.  Several of our students continue learning for 10 years or more, developing not only high level skills, but a lifelong love of music. Being witness to this transformation truly makes our heart sing, and is the reason we do what we do!



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