Grow Music Studio's carefully curated program progression is designed across a learning continuum – each class teaches age-appropriate skills that will be expanded as the student’s music education progresses.  Our programs nurture and support your child's musical development, starting from the Kindermusik program at 10 months old, all the way through to our Creative Musicians program and Private Lessons, for school age children and beyond.   Our mission is simple but profound.  To ignite curious young hearts + minds to seek, explore, discover and fall in love, with the wide eyed wonder of music.



​Our Kindermusik program is designed to give your young child the very best musical start, filling their hearts and minds with the joy of sharing and creating music together.  Watch your little ones social, cognitive, physical and musical abilities flourish in these engaging and creative classes.  



​This exciting and highly innovative 2 year program allows your Kindy age child the opportunity to explore a wide range of musical instruments, and participate in an array of creative and playful musical experiences.  Children will delight in exploring play based and creative themes, featuring African and Bucket drumming, singing, ukulele, xylophone, recorder, Nuvo Toot (flute designed for your children), general percussion and more.  Piano also features prominently, with children learning progressive skills and songs, over this

2 year period.  Unique to Grow Music Studio, this program is one not to be missed.   



YEAR 1 - 6 ​

Creative Musicians classes are designed to be taken in conjunction with Private Lessons, HOWEVER this class works fantastically well for children NOT enrolled in Private Lessons, that wish to participate in a music class that will give them well rounded musical skills in a social setting.

Your child will devour a broad range of creative and theoretical concepts, (not often taught in private lessons), enabling development into a well rounded,  knowledgeable, skillful and joyful musician! 

Your child will stretch their creativity, learning to IMPROVISE and COMPOSE their own music on the piano.  They will play and perform in ensembles using Orff Xylophones, ukulele's, their own instrument (if applicable) and more.  They will sing, bucket drum, learn music theory and play musical games with their classroom buddies.


This is a truly unique program not offered at any other music school in Perth, designed to provide your child with the complete musical experience.



Piano - Guitar - Ukulele

Your child will love Private Lessons and Grow Music Studio, as the learning curriculum is designed to suit their unique personality, needs & interests of each child. We use a wide range of method books, chord charts, pop songs, jazz pieces, learning games etc to motivate and inspire your child - you name it, we teach it!

It doesn't matter whether your child learns with the aim to sit exams, or simply for fun.  Joy and creativity remain central to each and every lesson.  

**We recommend taking Private Lessons in conjunction with our Creative Musicians Program, for the ultimate in musical enrichment and achievement.**

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