Private Lesson students are encouraged to enrol in weekly "Creative Musicians" classes, to develop additional important musical, academic and creative skills, and experience the social/interactive aspect that school age children desire.  

Our Private Piano, Guitar and Ukulele teachers are amazingly skilled at creating lessons designed to suit your child's personality, needs & interests. We use a wide range of method books, chord charts, pop songs, jazz pieces - you name it, we teach it!


Our aim is to provide a broad and varied musical education, designed to keep your child motivated, progressing & enjoying their lessons for years to come! Whether your child sits exams or plays simply for enrichment - joy and creativity are central to each and every lesson.

​Our private lessons foster strong connections between the student, teacher and parent. Your teacher will not only support your child's learning, but also support you as the caregiver, answering any questions you may have, in assisting your child in their musical journey.

Quick Details 

  • Lessons offered in Piano, Guitar & Ukulele.

  • Minimum starting ages are Year 1 (Piano & Ukulele) and Year 3 (Guitar.)  

  • 30 minute + 45 minute lessons available.  Longer sessions for more advanced students available by request. 

  • Lesson time/day availability given apon request to​​

  • Don't wait until the start of a term to enrol - ENROL ANYTIME! 

  • Lesson fees are prorated from when you begin.  


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At Grow Music Studio, we believe that whilst Private Lessons are an essential part of any young musicians journey, weekly 30 minute sessions are not long enough to provide all the "nutrition" required to create a truly well rounded, skillful and joyful musicians!


Whilst these classes are designed to be taken in conjunction with Private Lessons, we do welcome children NOT enrolled in Private Lessons, that wish to participate in a music class that will give them well rounded musical skills in a social setting.


This 1 hour weekly class is for everyone!

Your school age child will love the opportunity to engage in ensemble playing with their peers, on their own instrument, or Orff instruments (wooden xylophones.)

They will learn to IMPROVISE and COMPOSE their own music ( amazing and important skills, rarely taught in private lessons.) They will sing, learn music theory and play musical games will their classroom buddies.


This is a truly unique program not offered at any other music school in Perth, designed to provide your child with the complete musical experience.

Quick Details 

  • The Creative Musicians Program is a 6 year program. (Yr 1 - 6)  However, children older than year 1 are most welcome to start anytime.  

  • Each level of the program, is divided into age appropriate class groups - Yr 1,2&3 and Yr 4,5&6.  

  • There are 3 progressive levels over the 6 year program, each taking 2 years to complete.  Level 1 DISCOVERYLevel 2 ELEVATELevel 3 EXTEND

  • Class sizes range from 4 - 10 children​​​​​.

  • Sibling discount of $10 per month.

  • Don't wait until the start of a term to enrol - ENROL ANYTIME! ​​

  • Class fees are prorated from when you begin.

  • Unlimited make - up classes

  • Studio Tote Bag

  • Online access to improvisation & composition resources​​

  • Theory Book

  • Twice yearly invitation to perform

       at our concerts.

Inclusions > > >

Whilst not essential, the best in musical enrichment and educational outcomes will be gained when Creative Musicians students are also enrolled in Private Instrumental lessons at the studio.  

Download a 2021 Info Pack


$199 per month

*For Term 1 2020 classes

(Includes the current private lesson availability)

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