Discover a highly engaging music class, for your curious and active young toddler!  Flexible scheduling options including UNLIMITED ATTENDANCE & UNLIMITED MAKE UP CLASSES, ensure this class is a PERFECT fit, for busy families just like you.


Step into an enchanting musical world of joyful giggles and playful delight.  A place where confidence blossoms, and every child's exquisite uniqueness is included and celebrated. 


Watch your child’s face light up with joy as she shakes bells along to her favourite song.  

Listen to her delighted squeals as she plays parachute peekaboo with her class friends.

Be part of his world of wonder as he experiences a whole new world of happy learning & builds new skills each and every week. 


Spend precious moments building happy memories for you & your precious child.

Research shows that the most important time for learning and brain development is between birth, and 7 years.  Music has been scientifically proven to be the best way to stimulate brain development in young children, and we provide a safe, enjoyable and loving environment for them to GROW and thrive.

Classes have the added benefit of being highly enjoyable for adults as well.  New learning themes are explored every 4 to 5 weeks, so activites are fresh and engaging for mums and little ones alike. Level 1 classes are highly social places, so they are a fantastic way to foster new lifelong friendships and connections with other like minded families.  

"Lola is loving coming to class and I love bringing her. I went to a few different music classes for kids with my first daughter but yours is by far the best. I wish I had joined your classes years ago with Lola's sister. 

We look forward to seeing you on Friday!"  Deanna & Lola

Why choose Grow Music Studio?

Award Winning Programs: Kindermusik Level 1 program is a top quality, award winning, research based curriculum.

Variety: Imaginatively themed classes, with new themes every 5 weeks.  

Great Facilities: Clean, climate controlled & purpose built.  Our classroom are designed with little people in mind.  Instrument and props are stored safely up high, with minimal distractions at child eye level.  The room itself is large enough for play, yet small enough for your child not to get too far away from the action!

Hygenic Practices: All toys and instruments sterilised before, and after each use.

Industry Leader: Grow Music Studio is the the largest studio in WA, and placed in the top 5% of Kindermusik studios worldwide. Classes are taught by comprehesively trained teachers, with university qualifications in either music teaching or child psychology.  

Great Location:  Centrally located in North Perth, with plenty of parking. Close to loads of great cafe's, for an after class coffee fix!

Community: Our classes are small and welcoming places, filled with joyful music making, laughter and personal attention.   Special events and holiday programs are scheduled throughout the year, designed to bring together our beautiful community of families.  

Quick Details
  • Ages: 1 year olds

  • Class Size: Up to 10 children

  • Class Duration: 45 minutes

  • Program Length: Ongoing - Join any time.   

  • Membership Fees: $23.10 per week billed in monthly instalments of $77. Fees are prorated from your start date

Membership at GMS gives you much more than just weekly classes!  Click here to discover your BONUS inclusions.

Would you like to know more?  Watch the video below!
Kindermusik classes for babies toddlers preschoolers North Perth

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How to Reach Us


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