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These Terms and Conditions form the basis of your agreement with Grow Music Studio.  

There are 40 weeks of classes per year, divided up into four, 10 week terms. 

The following articles a. - e. are applicable to ongoing memberships only:

a. Instalments for ongoing classes are as follows:

- Kindermusik - 3 x $90 instalments per 10 week term

- Instrument Explorers Kindy & Pre Primary - 3 x $110 instalments per 10 week term

- Piano Club - 3 x $120 instalments per 10 week term.

- Private 30 min lesson - 3 x $160 instalments per 10 week term.

b.  Instalments are automatically collected each month via Ezidebit, on the dates outlined the payment schedule, outlined on enrolment.

c. Your first monthly instalment may differ in amount from the schedule above, and/or be charged on a different date if you enrol before term starts or mid-term. 

d.  If you join after the beginning of a term, then the first instalment will be pro-rata.

e.  Grow Music Studio Member instalments will be processed monthly, until such time you notify us to cancel your enrolment and payment schedule. Membership cancellation notices must be received via text or email, 14 days prior to the next monthly payment, otherwise the next monthly payment will be due - no exceptions.  


d.  Grow Music Studio offer a 100% Happiness Guarantee  If, after attending their first 4 classes, you are not completely happy with the class experience you are welcome to withdraw with nothing further to pay. To be eligible for this offer, members must request a refund, prior to (or on the day of) their 4th and final lesson.  

It is the members responsibility to ensure all credit card details remain up to date, and sufficient funds are in their account before the scheduled payment date. For failed transactions, we will attempt to debit your credit card for 3 consecutive days.  Failed transactions will incur a declined transaction fee from Ezidebit.  We reserve the right to suspend membership, if fees remain unpaid by the 3rd attempt.  

We reserve the right to review members fees and inclusions when required.

Grow Music Studio Membership payments are strictly non-refundable


No refunds or discounts or credits are given for missed classes or change of mind/withdrawal for any reason.


No food is permitted, or to be consumed within our classroom.  

Kindermusik classes require full parental participation is required from start to end of class.

Instrument Explorer Pre Primary and Kindy classes require some parental participation.

Private Lessons, parents/caregivers are encouraged to view their children's lessons at any time. Regular parental attendance is recommended  for optimum learning outcomes.   Children 8 years and above may participate independently with parents returning for pick up.  Children under 8 years are required to have an adult attending the lesson,  to assist in supporting and maintaining a consistent practice routine at home.  You are most welcome, and encouraged, to observe your child's lesson at any time

Make - up class booking is permitted and encouraged for all group classes, where there is availability in a suitable alternative  class of the same age group and level.  Grow Music Studio does not guarantee the availability of make - up classes.  In the instance where there is no suitable alternate session for booking make - up classes, the make - up class booking opportunity will be forfeit.  Make - up class bookings can only be made during the period of membership, and are not transferrable or eligible for refund.

Make - up lessons are not offered for Private Lessons.  In the instance that your child misses their weekly lesson, your child's teacher will email through either a video or written lesson instructions, so they may continue their progress for the given week.  

No food is permitted, or to be consumed within any of our classrooms.

Grow Music Studio will not provide your details to any other company, entity or organisation unless consented to by you and all information will be kept by Grow Music Studio in accordance with The Privacy Act. 

Strictly NO use of mobile phones in class.  All phones need to be placed on silent, or turned off while class is in session.

Working with Children. All employees, contractors or Directors of Grow Music Studio have a working with children check and are approved to work with children.

Cancellation of Classes. Occasionally due to unforeseen circumstances, Grow Music Studio may need to cancel a scheduled class/lesson. We will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible, however please be aware that lessons can be cancelled at short notice, for instance the morning of your lesson. This will be done via SMS as it is the most efficient and effective method.   It is the parents’/caregivers responsibility to ensure the mobile number on their file is up to date and their mobile is turned on; on the day of classes. In the event of a cancellation, a replacement class will be offered where possible at a later point in time. In the event that a replacement class cannot be arranged a credit/refund will be offered.  


Photography, Video/DVD, Promotion & Website Release. I understand when enrolling at Grow Music Studio that upon occasion Grow Music Studio may take photos or videos of our classes.  I understand that Grow Music Studio may use photographs/videos of the students to promote the school via flyers, website, social media and advertising. The payment of my registration and ticking and signing of the Terms & condition on this confirms that I have agreed for my child to be filmed or photographed for Grow Music Studio ABN 22 985 234 784 and that Grow Music Studio will own all rights in said production and in consideration of the above release, I agree to forego any fee. If you do not wish for photos of your child to be taken/used in any Grow Music Studio promotion – please email Grow Music Studio

If your child is unwell , we kindly request that you DO NOT bring sick children (or adults) to classes. In the instance of a suspected infectious child in classes, we reserve the right to request your leave,  to prevent the spread of infection throughout our community.  We are happy to change your booking date to a more suitable date, when you or your child are sufficiently recovered.

Non-enrolled siblings under 12 months are welcome in classes, but MUST be placed in a baby sling/carrier or carseat/bassinet.   Grow Music Studio and its teachers can not be held responsible for injury to your younger child where this is policy is not adhered to. It is ideal for a parent to bring only the enrolled child(ren) to class in order to give full attention to that child.

Children older than 12 months who attend class must be enrolled as a fully paid member of the class.  

Siblings/children older than the age range of the class are not permitted to attend.

Music classes can involve risk of personal injury. While Grow Music Studio takes all reasonable care in the conduct of its classes, it accepts no responsibility for injury or loss caused during classes or whilst participants are at or near the venue. The parents/guardian/caregivers are responsible for ensuring that the participant is physically and medically fit for the class .

These Terms & Conditions supercede any previous agreement made with Grow Music Studio.