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Discover a highly engaging music class, for your curious and active young toddler! 

Step into an enchanting musical world of joyful giggles and playful delight.  A place where confidence blossoms, and every child's exquisite uniqueness is included and celebrated. 


Watch your child’s face light up with joy as she shakes bells along to her favourite song.  

Listen to her delighted squeals as she plays parachute peekaboo with her class friends. 

Delight in his new found ability to communicate with you, through the signing he has learnt in classes.  Be part of his world of wonder as he experiences a whole new world of happy learning & builds new skills each and every week.  

Lola is loving coming to class and I love bringing her. I went to a few different music classes for kids with my first daughter but yours is by far the best. I wish I had joined your classes years ago with Lola's sister.  Deanna & Lola


Our Kindermusik Level 2 classes provide the perfect environment for your inquisitive and naturally musical toddler to discover, play, learn and grow their musical heart and mind. 

Your child will hop, gallop, tiptoe, jump and discover new vocabulary in our vibrant and joyful classes.  See her learn to tap a steady beat, and develop self control through our engaging play based musical activities.

Watch your child's confidence grow as he discovers he can do it "all by himself", whilst relishing in the fact you are right there by his side.

"Grow Music Studio classes are brilliant! We have been going since my son was 5 months old and he has gained so much from the class, including language development and social skills. He is now 18 months old and asks for Susan all week long!" - Alice & Matthew


Welcome your preschooler to a fantastic new world of imagination.  


Level 3 Kindermusik will immerse your inquisitive child into a vibrant and colourful world of kings and queens, pirates, princess, snowflakes and swimming pools!​

See his imagination and creativity take centre stage, as he uses the power of music to create his own world through pretend play.  In class, your child will sing, actively listen, take turns, participate in story time, learn rhymes, play percussion instruments as part of an ensemble, dance and become a more independent learner.

Watch your child's confidence grow as classes focus on encouraging joyful singing both independently and, within the safety of a group


Level 3 classrooms are child centred learning environments.  Children of this age are magnificently creative, and are encouraged to explore and share their own ideas and imaginations with the group.  


Our classes are designed to develop the whole child, with additional focus on developing all important concentration, attention and listening skills - important for those upcoming Kindy years.   

Quick Details

Up to 10 children + caregivers


Classes are 45 minutes in length


Don't wait until the start of a term to enrol - ENROL ANYTIME! 

Class fees are $240 per 10 week term billed in 3 monthly instalments of $80Fees can be prorated if you start after the term begins.  

Sibling discount of $10 per month

UNLIMITED make - up classes

UNLIMITED attendance (attend once or twice a week, at no extra cost!*)   * Subject to class availability


FREE access to class music on the "Kindermusik App" plus additional online learning materials at your "Kindermusik @ Home" site.   

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